Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The End

After some debate I have decided to discontinue updating this blog. Simon has somewhat evolved. I should clarify and say that changes in my personal life has encouraged me to spend much more time dealing with my dreams and desires in the real world. Consensual and safe....as always. I'll keep the blog up for those who enjoy some of the links.

Shortly what was Simon Kade will no longer be. But don't be sad. To me it's kind of like a funeral for a person who lived a good life that everyone liked. Whereas the funeral opts on it's own to be more of a celebration for what was as opposed to what has been lost.

All is quite well. Thanks to all and godspeed.

Monday, May 21, 2007

It's never over.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


It had been 15 years since I had seen this woman. The last time was an embarrassing evening where in the course of lovemaking I introduced my kinky side. Having done that, she "freaked out". I, of course, untied her swiftly as it was much more important to me that I not later find myself at the police station as opposed to getting off. I had no problem explaining poor high school grades to my parents. However, explaining why a girl was bound in my bedroom while they were away for the weekend would have been much more difficult. Once unbound she left quietly amid my pathetic apologies. We did not see each other since then.

So now in the present. Fifteen years since that night it was quite a surprise to me to find myself in this woman's house. This time it was her husband that left us unattended. I had bumped into her at a shopping mall and a few phone calls landed me the invitation. I admit she was the one that kind of pushed it as though much time had passed, I was still numb from the last time we were alone together.

After a few drinks the subject of our last date came up. I told her that I was still sorry I made her so scared. What she said shocked me. She said, "Did it ever occur to you that the reason I was so upset was that you were not man enough to finish what you started"? I looked at her and told her I was not as patient to teasing as I was as a teenager. I told her that we could have a few more drinks and rehash high school days or she could find the binding material of her choice and bring it and her wrists to me.

She made it easy for me to be bold. She had kept her figure in great shape. In fact her legs looked even more stunning in the black skirt she was wearing than what I ever recall of her in her cheer leading uniform. The rest of her charms were left to my imagination as far as how well they were preserved. A trip through time I had every intention of exploring if given a window.

So she smiled and wandered off. I could not help but think that maybe this was payback for terrifying her so much all that time ago. I pictured more likely a man the size of a house would return with a baseball bat than what I saw. She entered the room with what appeared to be the long cloth belt from a robe. The excitement jolted away my fears and inspired by her challenge to me to be more agressive, I quickly pulled her arms behind her back and tied her wrists together quite unforgivingly. I was, in fact, challenging her resolve by making sure my binding was inescapable.

I pulled her towards the bedroom by her upper arm telling her that further action will work better there. This was going to be her last chance to reconsider her request to amend the past as I told her that if I was to do this right I would have to assure that she be only seen and not heard. I pulled open a dresser drawer and pulled out what was pair of white hose. I gave her ample time to expose her intention of all to be a charade....but then gagged her effectively.

She whimpered slightly as I tossed her on the bed and tied her ankles with the best the apparel in her dresser had to offer. She layed there seemingly quite content yet I suppose it was human nature of her to pull at her bindings to test my work. Yes...she started to twist and squirm franticly on the bed just the same way she did all those years ago. The only difference was this time I smiled and began to take my clothes off.

I stood above her with a rock hard erection and began to untie her ankles. She squealed and shot me a glance that kind of said, "I can't believe this is happening". Fortunately, for my state of mind that was about the only sign of resistance and second thoughts that her body language gave me.

I reached under her skirt and her panties were drenched. "Mmmm", I purred to her. I used a pair of scissors from a desk in the room to begin to shed her of her clothes. I then leaned over the bed, grabbed her legs and pulled her close to me. I spoke in a loud whisper, "Baby...it's time to change history".

Today's history lesson
by: Simon Kade
Encyclopedia for the mind.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

...just in a photoshop kind of mood tonight.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Briefcase

You've met a man. The kind of man you have always fantasized about. A married woman you are. Never been unfaithful...but he made you so weak. He was so hypnotic; made you think everything was your idea. You knew there was a sense of danger about him. That's what drew you to him. You're married to a good man....a caring man...a good provider. But something has always been lacking.

You have been with this man for some time. Trust him. Knew he had "kinky" thoughts. But you were not quite prepared for what you found in the briefcase under his bed.

He is smooth...tells you to pick out for yourself what you would like to experiment with. Intrigued...and yes...arroused you pick some toys.

Now chained on his bed. Realizing that nobody knows where you are. Suddenly so aware of how vulnerable you are....yet so under his spell. Wanting more. Alas....he is the one choosing gadgets from the briefcase now.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I had this thought of a girl having a girlfriend who looked very much like her. Now this girl told her girlfriend everything. She told her of a "relationship" she had developed with a man on the internet. That she had made arrangements to meet him...but was backing out.

Well she told her girlfriend almost everything. She did not tell her that during their encounter they were going to roleplay a kidnapping fantasy. So intrigued was her girlfriend of this man that she decided to go in her place. Of course she thought she was meeting Romeo....not a man with dark fantasies desperate to share them with a girl who desired the same.

So he picked her up at the bus station. One minute talking of the wonderful dinner he had planned at his house...the next dragging her to the back of his van. Quickly silenced, the irony of his marvel at how well she play acted of not knowing this was going to happen.

So as rehearsed so many times online she was brought to a secluded area and.....the play continued and ended as scribed with the right girl still at home...currently trying to find "Romeo" online to apologize for not arriving as scheduled.

Is that really you?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mind Games

Sometimes the stories in my mind are hazy. Not clear....I see a basic idea; but it does not completely come together. Today in my mind I see the kind of girl who can have any man she wants. Beautiful, intelligent and money not an issue. But ability to have most any man she chooses is not good enough for her. Gentlemen bore her. She desires a dash of danger with her romance.

So she arranges to meet a man who promises her a dash of danger and more. Perhaps it was the gag that made her fully realize that she was no longer going to be able to direct the proceedings as she was accustomed to with her male companions.

So he strips her, bends her over the couch and begins to whip her behind. She struggles and squirms....and soon tires and lays still.....more danger than she can handle. He then takes her. Takes her hard. Takes care of his business. She is terrified...yet in awe. Finally a man has managed to tame her. Yes, but against her wishes. But she ponders...is that really the case?

She lays still on the couch watching him. She is bound soundly and silenced well. She moans as he rolls her to her back. He boasts of taking care of her needs now. She thinks he already has. But it appears this evening has only just begun.